About inthelabyrinth.org

In The Labyrinth (inthelabyrinth.org) is a tribute website dedicated to the classic tabletop RPG, The Fantasy Trip (TFT).

The site is intended to be a place for others to find the information I gather about TFT from the Internet. There are some great sites out there, but many seem to be out of date or no longer available. I will be linking to what is out there, and note what is current and what is not.

inthelabyrinth.org will also be a place where I post new material for TFT, as well as gaming in general. This will include conversions from GURPS to TFT (beasts, spells, etc.) for others to use.

All items on this website are available, free for use. I make no profit from this website.

As for myself, I got into gaming in the early 80s, playing board games as well as D&D–and The Fantasy Trip. Over the years I moved on to GURPS, but got out of gaming as I got busy with other interests (and life).

But now I’m getting back into gaming. Some of it is nostalgia, some of it is the love of the imagination. Either way, I’ll be seeing you online and around the tables…

Marko ∞