(Sognathus or ‘nathus’) Compsognathus is a reptile long extinct in our world. This evolved descendent is a small predator that hunts in packs of 6-12. They are dumb and will continue to attack in the face of heavy losses. They will try to cut out smaller members of any group and kill them separately. They will trail and chase a group before attacking. When animals and sentients are in a mixed group they will preferentially attack the animals. They stand about 75cm and weigh 10-12kg. They do 1-1 damage in regular or HTH combat. Wounds untreated or uncleaned wafter a day will cause 48 hours high fever and delirium, incapacitating the recipient. Reptile Men sometimes keep them as vicious pets.

Compsognathus have ST 5, DX 10, IQ 3, MA 10. They have a -1 Morale Die roll modifier. Their hide stops 2 hits per attack, and they are 1 hex creatures.

Source: TFT:Treasure of the Silver Dragon

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