The cockatrice is nasty and extremely deadly beast, that creates devastation wherever it goes. Sometimes confused with the basilisk, the cockatrice appears to be an emaciated rooster with the long scaly tail of a snake. Wherever a cockatrice goes, everything dies–all animals, plants, even insects.

Different kinds of dragons do exist, and have different abilities. They also have different views towards other races and other creatures.

One of the creatures that a lot of people fear are bats. Even worse, are giant bats. And I mean BIG. They take different shapes and have different behaviors–but are all more or less scary!

Hell Hounds are rare creatures not of this plane–they were brought from Hell by other, more powerful beings to serve as guards and pets. They can be found in ruins and other desolate areas, protecting their domains. Usually hell hounds will be the guards for necromancers or other powerful beings but sometimes they can be found in ruins–left behind after their masters moved on or were killed.