Old School Revival

Lately I have been reading a lot of articles on the web about OSR, or Old School Revival (or Renaissance). These usually refer to retro-clones of D&D, games that are copies of the original, trying to improve upon them but retaining the “feel” of game or time. While people are usually talking about D&D, the concept still applies to The Fantasy Trip.

Old Space Gamer Articles

I have been reading a bunch of old Space Gamer magazines, looking for articles about The Fantasy Trip. I got the ones I could find from Steve Jackson Games, but I also saw some issues of Interplay on Amazon. (Haven’t bought those yet). They had a number of great articles, but they were more like a snapshot of the gaming industry in the late 70s and through the 80s.

Gameshops From the Past

Local gameshops are a big part of the gaming hobby. Not only do they give us access to a lot of tips & advice, places to buy new games and supplies, but they also are a key place to meet other gamers and just make new friends. As I get back into the hobby, I keep thinking about gameshops or hobby stores I hung out at back in my formative years.