5 Room Dungeons in The Fantasy Trip

One of the things I kept hearing about as I got back into gaming again was the term “5 room dungeon.” A simple Google search showed me a ton of sites that had references to 5 room dungeons, or tips for making them better. But everything kept leading me back to Johnn Four’s roleplayingtips.com site. And his concept for 5 Room Dungeons is perfect for The Fantasy Trip.

Old Space Gamer Articles

I have been reading a bunch of old Space Gamer magazines, looking for articles about The Fantasy Trip. I got the ones I could find from Steve Jackson Games, but I also saw some issues of Interplay on Amazon. (Haven’t bought those yet). They had a number of great articles, but they were more like a snapshot of the gaming industry in the late 70s and through the 80s.

Dueling in The Fantasy Trip

One of the things that I loved about The Fantasy Trip was dueling. The game was just geared towards it from the start–the whole idea of the arena was just obvious. But I always wanted to take it further. Not just the fight in the arena, but outside in the “real world.” Is dueling common? Is it mundane or magical? What kind of rules are there to control duels?