Grimoire: IQ 10 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 10 or higher:

FLAMING MISSILE WEAPON: (T) [GURPS] Similar to the Flaming Weapon spell, but for missile weapons. The missile does +2 hits of damage, with the fire lasting 1 minute. The cost of the spell is 2 ST for wooden missiles, 4 ST for metal or stone missiles. Duration: Lasts until the fire is extinguished. Casting time: 1 turn.

FLAMING WEAPON: (T) [GURPS] IQ 10. Spell causes any weapon to burst into flame. The weapon does +2 hits of damage to any opponent or flammable object. The flaming weapon can also be used as a torch or light source. Metal weapons will be unaffected after the spell–wooden ones will fall in ashes. Cost: 4 ST. Duration: 1 minute. Casting time: 1 turn.

GUST OF WIND: (T) [HOW] This spell creates a severe blast of air that originates from the wizard in a straight line out to a distance equal to the IQ of the wizard in hexes and 1 MH wide, affecting everything in its path. The effects of the Gust are based on the ST of the creature affected:

ST 1-6: If the creature is on the ground, it is knocked down and rolled 1d MH away from the wizard, taking 1 hit of damage per MH. If flying, the creature is blown back 2 megahexes.
ST 7-12: The victim is knocked down by the force of the wind, or is blown back 1d megahexes.
ST 13-18: Victim is unable to move forward against the force of the gust, or is blown back 1d hexes.
ST 19+: Creature may move normally against the wind.

The Gust of Wind cannot move a creature beyond the range of the spell. Also, any creature, regardless of ST or size, has a +1d penalty on any ranged attack and while listening for any sound while in the area of the wind.

The force of the wind blows out any candles, torches or other unprotected flames. Protected flames, such as lanterns, will be blown out on a roll of 1-3 on 1 die. In addition, the Gust will have the same affect as any strong wind–blowing sand or dust, fanning large flames, overturning light furniture, blowing away gases or vapors, etc.

ST cost: 3 ST. Cost to maintain: 3 ST. Duration: 1 turn. Time to cast: 3 turns.

PLANT FERTILITY: (S) [AD&D, HOW] Doubles output of 1 hectare (about 2.5 acres) for 1 harvest cycle. Will not make barren land produce harvests. Caster has a +3 to DX if he also has the Farmer mundane talent. Cost to cast: 7 ST per hectare. Time to cast: 5 minutes.

PURIFY FOOD: (S) [AD&D, GURPS] Removes any contamination, foreign objects or poisons from 1 meal for 1 person. This spell will not make the food taste any better–just make it edible and wholesome. ST cost: 1 ST. Time to cast: 3 turns.

RESIST COLD: (T) [GURPS] Allows the subject to maintain a normal temperature, immune from any effects of cold or frostbite. The cost of the spell is 2 ST for the first minute, plus 1 per minute to maintain. Casting time: 1 turn.

SUMMON FAMILIAR: (S) [] This spell is used to summon an animal to be used as a familiar. The wizard is psychically bound to the animal, and gains advantages from it.

A wizard does not HAVE to have a familiar. If he or she wants one, they must know the Summon Familiar spell to get one. The wizard DOES NOT summon the familiar during the game, he or she STARTS the game with a familiar, without expending any ST to gain it.

To summon and bind a familiar to him, the wizard specifies what kind of animal he or she is summoning, then rolls 3 dice against IQ. A successful roll gives the wizard the desired familiar. A failure gets the wizard nothing–and he or she must wait a year to try again. A critical success gets the wizard a very special familiar–GM’s discretion. A critical failure gets the wizard something unintended, possibly an imp or other demon. The wizard must go to a location where the familiar might be reasonably be considered to exist.

A wizard with a familiar gains the ability to share the familiar’s senses–sight, hearing, smell, etc. The wizard also can communicate telepathically with the familiar, and direct it to perform various tasks. If the familiar is asked to risk injury or death, the wizard must roll 3 dice against HIS IQ to force the familiar to perform that action. A familiar does not gain any ST benefit from the familiar, but will take 1 die damage if the familiar is killed, and LOSE 1 IQ point permanently.

Any small animal is suitable for a familiar. Larger familiars are possible, up to wolf or big cat sized animals.

ST cost: 5 for a small familiar, 10 for a wolf or similar sized animal. The Summon Familiar spell takes 1 week to complete. At the end of the week, on a successful roll the wizard will have his or her familiar.