Grimoire: IQ 15 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 15 or higher:

CEREMONIAL MAGIC: (S) [] Allows groups of wizards to cast larger spells, on subjects locally or far away. The spell involves using strict ceremonies, including candles, special ingredients, chanting, etc. to focus the wizards minds and expand the working of the spell.

Any spell can be cast using Ceremonial Magic, regardless of IQ level. To cast the spell, each wizard actively involved in casting the spell MUST know the Ceremonial Magic spell, as well as the spell to be cast. Wizards lending strength through Aid spells (such as apprentices) do not have to know either spell, but are limited to how much assistance they can give.

ST cost to perform this spell: 5. The time to cast the spell is 10 times the normal casting time, with a 1 hour minimum.

For more information, see CEREMONIAL MAGIC.

CONTROL MISSILE: (T) [Interplay] Similar to Reverse Missiles, but the subject of the spell may have any missile or thrown weapon, or missile spell that hit him return to the one who attacked him or have them go to different targets. If the missile is sent on to a new target, the subject must make a DX roll to hit. Cost to cast: 3 ST, 1 to maintain. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

DEATHSPEAK: (S) [S&W WhiteBox:Gothic] Allows the caster to communicate with the dead. The wizard must have physical contact with at least part of the corpse, or an item of great importance to the dead person. The caster can ask the dead person 1 question per turn and receive an answer. The dead is under no obligation to tell the truth. ST cost: 5, plus 2 to maintain. Time to cast: 6 turns. Duration: 1 turn. Corruption points: 1.

MADNESS: (T) [GURPS] Control spell. The spell causes the victim to go temporarily insane. The caster selects the severity of the madness, and the GM selects the form. Roleplay the results.

Mild: Delusions, flashbacks, confusion, paranoia.
Severe: Hallucinations, delusions, chronic depression.
Extreme: Catatonia–incapacitation.

ST cost depends on severity: 2 ST for mild, 4 ST for severe and 6 ST for extreme. Half that cost to maintain. Duration: 1 minute. Casting time: 1 turn. Corruption points: 1.

MAJOR HEALING: (T) [GURPS] Like Minor Healing, but restores up to 8 ST on the subject. If the caster has the Physicker talent, he or she gets a +1 bonus on their IQ roll. ST cost: Two ST is healed for every 3 ST expended by the caster. This spell includes the Minor Healing spell. Time to cast: 12 turns.

NIGHTMARE: (T) [GURPS] Control spell. Causes the sleeping subject to have a nightmare of the caster’s choice. The subject gets a saving roll of 3 dice against IQ. If the spell is successful, the subject gets no rest for that night and loses 2 ST. If cast the next night, the subject will another 2 ST. If the subject reaches a ST of 0, he will fall into a coma and die in 2d days unless Dissolve Enchantment is cast on him. Cost: 6 ST. Casting time: 12 turns. Corruption points: 1.

SPIDER SILK: (M) [GURPS] Shoots strands of spider silk from the wizard’s fingertips to the target. The strands appear to be thin and fragile, but are extremely strong. The victim is immobilized and cannot move. The spider silk can also be used to block an area by anchoring to 2 fixed points. Anyone touching the strands are bound as if they were hit by the spell. The strands can be cut or burned away–they have an effective ST of 10, and take triple damage from fire. ST to cast: 2 ST for every megahex distance, up to 5 megahexes. Duration: 1 minute. Casting time: 1 turn.