Grimoire: IQ 18 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 18 or higher:

14-HEX FIRE: (C) [Interplay] Similar to other Fire spells, but affects up to 14 connected hexes. Cost: 8 ST. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

14-HEX ILLUSION: (C) [Interplay] Creates an illusion of anything no larger than 14 hexes. Cost: 8 ST. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

14-HEX SHADOW: (C) [Interplay] Like other Shadow spells, but affects up to 14 continuous hexes. ST cost: 5 ST. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

14-HEX WALL: (C) [Interplay] Similar to Wall spells, but affects up to 14 connected hexes. ST cost: 9 ST. Duration: 12 turns, with a casting time of 1 turn.

BLIND: (T) [Interplay] Blinds the victim. Any attack made by the blinded subject is at -6 DX, any spell cast is at -3 DX. Victim does get a 4 dice saving throw against IQ before the spell takes effect. Spell cost is 5 ST, 1 to maintain. Spell casting time and duration are 1 turn each.

CONTROL GATE: (C) [Advanced Wizard] By casting this spell, a wizard can determine where the other end of a Gate is and what rules govern it; by cast­ing it again, he can change the rule on either a temporary or permanent basis. ST cost to do either of these things is 10. A wizard who knows this spell can also destroy a Gate (both ends) at a ST cost of 50; he must be within Creation Spell range (that is, the gate must be in a MH adjacent to his MH) to do so. Duration: permanent. Casting time: 1 minute.

DIAMOND FLESH: (T) [Interplay] Stops 10 hits of damage per attack. This spell literally makes the subjects skin as hard as diamonds–it can cut glass! Because of the rigidity of his skin, the subject is at -2 DX, and has his MA reduced to 2. Spell cost: 5 ST to cast and 1 to maintain. Spell duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 3 turns.

LESSER MAGIC ITEM CREATION: (S) [Advanced wizard] Lets wizard create any magic item on the Lesser Magical Item list–see CREATING MAGIC ITEMS for details, costs, and other requirements.

LIGHT RAY: (M) [Interplay] Does 1d+1 for every ST point put into the spell. The spell creates a very powerful beam of light, about 2 cm in diameter. Because it is so small, it can go through objects without destroying them–and it can kill more than one person. The maximum range for the spell is 10 MH for each ST point in the spell. Casting time and duration: 1 turn each.

MEGAHEX FREEZE: (T) [Advanced Wizard] A Freeze spell which affects all figures with ST less than 20 (except the caster himself) in a given megahex, OR any single figure with ST less than 50. Otherwise, just like Freeze (above). ST cost: 12. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

SHAPESHIFTING: (T) [Advanced Wizard] Classic spell used to turn princes to frogs, etc. Turns its subject into any known type of creature, with any attributes. However, the IQ may not be raised, and the total of ST and DX may not be raised. ST and DX may be traded off, lowered, etc., as long as neither is reduced more than 1 below the usual minimum for the new shape. A person could be shapeshifted into a relatively clumsy wolf–but not a wolf of DX 6! GMs may use their discretion as to what kind of shifting is allowed.

The individual’s memory, spells, and talents remain intact, though he will not be able to use those spells and talents for which he no longer has IQ. Likewise, DX for spells and some talents will be impaired if the new shape has no hands! These adjustments must be left up to the GM. A formerly-human character shifted into wolf form will still be able to understand all the languages he could before, and will be able to speak them in a barking, whining fashion. He will also be able to communicate, in rudimentary fashion, with other wolves, but they will know there’s something funny about him.

Shifting to a new shape gives you the physical, but not the mental, abilities of that shape. If you shift to Goblin shape, you will move and fight as a Goblin, but you will not magically learn the Goblin language. Furthermore, your clothes will not shift or vanish–you’ll need new ones.

ST cost: 20 to shift another, 10 to shift yourself. The spell is permanent unless removed by Dissolve Enchantment, a wish, or another shape-shift. Casting time: 6 turns.

TEMPORARY ENCHANTMENT: (T) [Interplay] Affects any weapon so that it is enchanted in 2 ways: First, it adds +1 DX to whomever uses it for every 3 ST used in casting. Second, the weapon is now capable of hitting anyone who is under the Astral Projection or Insubstantiality spells–but cannot be used against someone using Spell Shield or a Pentagram. Cost: 3 ST for each +1 DX, and 1 ST to maintain. Casting time: 1 turn.

WIZARD’S WRATH: (M) [Advanced Wizard] This most powerful of missile spells can have the physical effect of any of the other three. It can appear as a telekinetic blow like the Magic Fist, a fiery blast, or a smashing electrical discharge. Whatever form the casting wizard chooses to use, though, it does 1d+1 damage for each ST the wizard puts into it. Its other effects will be appropriate to the form chosen. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.