Grimoire: IQ 19 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 19 or higher:

ANIMATE WEAPON: (S) [Interplay] This powerful spell animates any weapon that the wizard can use in accordance with his strength without any dexterity penalties, and the weapon can move at the same rate of the wizard. Any attack at the wizard is at -8 DX. To destroy the weapon, it must take hits equal to half the strength needed to use it, (minimum of 4), a quarter for a broken weapon. ST cost: 4 ST (6 ST for a 2 handed weapon) and 1 to maintain. (NOTE: every hex distance from the wizard, the weapon is at -1 DX). Casting time: 1 turn. Duration: 1 turn.

BLIGHT: (S) [S&W WhiteBox:Gothic] (S) Curses the area around the wizard, permanently raising the dread level by 1 point. The area affected is one with a 3 MH radius (caster’s MH +2). ST to cast: 20 ST. Time to cast: 5 minutes. This spell can only be cast once per week. Corruption points: 2.

LEVITATE: (T) [Interplay] Similar to the Flight spell but with no DX adjustments. The subject flies in accordance with their normal movement allowance. Cost: 4 ST and 1 to maintain. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

METAMORPH OTHERS: (T) [Interplay] Changes the subject to anything the spell caster wants. The subject has the same attributes that he had before, and the ordinary abilities of the new creature (armor, attacks, etc.) but not any of the extraordinary abilities (i.e. A dragon cannot breathe fire but can fly). Any non-magical equipment that is worn changes with the person to the new shape. Magical equipment has a saving throw on 1 die against the number of spells on the item. (3 or less for 3 spells, etc.) If changed, then it will be useless while in the metamorphosed stated.

This spell is a temporary version of the Shapeshift spell with some other minor changes. A reluctant victim gets a saving throw of 5 dice vs. IQ. Cost: 5 ST plus 2 for each hex change. (1 hex to 3 hex takes another 4 ST). Cost is 1 ST per minute to maintain. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 3 turns. Corruption points: 1.

METAMORPH SELF: (S) [Interplay] Same as above, but with a cost of 4 ST, plus 1 for each hex change, and 2 ST to maintain. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 3 turns.

PIT: (C) [Interplay] Creates a one hex pit 4m deep. Falling in causes 1d-3 damage. A Pit lasts for only 4 turns and anyone left inside after that is trapped but not necessarily killed. The Pit does not have to be on the floor. Cost: 5 ST. Duration: 4 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

REMOVE CURSE: (T) [S&W WhiteBox:Gothic] (T) Removes a minor or major curse from its subject. Includes curses from either the Curse spell or those laid by a non-wizard. The subject takes 1d damage in the process of removing the curse, and the caster must also make a saving roll against IQ to avoid gaining 1 corruption point himself in the process. Cost to cast: 40 ST for a minor curse, 80 ST for a major curse. Time to cast: 30 minutes, and can only be cast once per week.