Grimoire: IQ 20 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 20 or higher:

BANISH UNDEAD: (S) [S&W WhiteBox:Gothic] (T) Spell causes all undead in an area of 1 mega-megahex to flee the caster. Lesser undead, such as skeletons and zombies will turn to dust and be destroyed. Greater undead, such as ghosts, and wraiths will flee the caster as in the Avert spell and be unable to return for 1 day. ST cost to cast: 10 ST. Time to cast: 3 turns.

EARTHQUAKE: (S) [Interplay] This spell causes a powerful earth tremor that affects everything within 5 megahexes except the wizard. Any creature is thrown violently to the ground (no other actions) and takes 1 hit of damage, regardless of armor. The tremor lasts for 5 turns. If anyone attempts to get up during the 5 turns, roll 4 dice against DX to succeed, and roll again every turn to stay up. If they fall again, they take one more hit of damage. If they remain standing, all attacks and spells are at -3 DX, except the wizard–he is unaffected. It is NOT recommended to use this spell if underground. ST cost: 7 ST. Duration: 5 turns. Casting time: 6 turns.

ENFORCE: (S) [Interplay] Makes ALL illusions within the area of effect more “realistic” (i.e. Harder to disbelieve) by increasing the number of dice to disbelieve by. Cost: 3 ST to cast, plus 1 ST per die increase, plus 1 ST per MH distance. (1 ST would affect the mega-megahex around the wizard). Cost to maintain: 1 ST for every 3 dice to disbelieve. Time to cast: 1 turn. Duration: 1 turn.

FIRE BLAST: (M) [Interplay] This is a missile spell that affects any megahex (or 7 hexes in a cluster). It inflicts 1d damage per hex for every ST the wizard puts into it. Any multihex creature takes appropriate damage. Note that when rolling for the spell to take effect, a result higher than the caster’s dexterity would mean nothing happened. On a roll of 16, a Fire hex would appear at the center of the target megahex; on a 17, a Fire hex would appear in the wizard’s hex; and on an 18 the Fire Blast would appear around the wizard. Cost: 2 ST for each dice damage. Casting time: 1 turn.

GREATER MAGIC ITEM CREATION: (S) [Advanced Wizard] Lets wizard create any magic item on the Greater Magical Item list–see CREATING MAGIC ITEMS for details, costs, and other requirements.

GROUND: (T) [Interplay] Once thrown, the creature that this is thrown upon is unable to fly as long as the spell is maintained. Cost: 5 ST and 1 to maintain (2 ST if the victim’s strength is 30 or more). Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

MULTIPLE CREATION: (S) [Interplay] This spell is a preparation spell for any multihex creation. When a wizard casts this spell, the next turn the wizard MUST perform a creation spell (wall, fire, shadow, image or illusion–but not a summoning). It will then be possible for the creation to be more than one thing as long as it is not less than one hex each. It would then be possible to have non-connected walls, shadows, etc.–or have an illusion of 4 men instead of a 4-hex dragon. Note that any image/illusion still cannot use missile weapons! (Arrows are less than 1 hex in size). ST cost: 3 ST + the number of hexes created. Duration: As long as the creations. Casting time: 3 turns.

SUMMON LARGE DRAGON: (C) [Interplay] Summons a 14-hex dragon (ST 100, DX 14, IQ 24, MA 8 on the ground, 24 in the air, breath 4 dice damage, claws 2d+2) to obey the commands of the wizard. Cost: 10 ST to cast, 2 to maintain. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 3 turns.

SUMMON UNDEAD: (T) [S&W WhiteBox:Gothic] (C) The wizard summons forth up to 4d skeletons from an area in size up to 1 mega-megahex. If there are no bodies buried in that area, the spell has no effect. The skeletons will follow the orders of the caster for 2 hours or until they are destroyed. ST to cast: 30 ST. Duration: 2 hours. Time to cast: 6 turns. Corruption points: 2 points.