Grimoire: IQ 8 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 8 or higher:

FUMBLE: (T) [ Forum] The target will fail their next success roll as if they rolled an automatic failure. Affects only one roll, and the spell lasts three turns. If the target attempts no success rolls during the duration of the spell, the spell has no effect. ST cost: 1. Duration: 3 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

SUMMON SWARM: (C) [HOW] Summons a 1 megahex sized swarm of flying insects to do the bidding of the wizard. The swarm does not cause any damage, but any actions in the affected are are at one additional die. ST cost: 2 ST. Duration: 12 turns. Time to cast: 1 turn.

WIZARD MARK: (T) [AD&D] Allows the wizard to inscribe his or her mark, rune or letter upon any surface. The Mark can be inscribed on any surface, including stone, wood, metal or even flesh, with no harm to the surface. The mark can be visible or invisible, but will be seen by Detect Magic, Reveal Magic, Mage Sight or Reveal spells. Remove Thrown Spell will remove the Wizard Mark from the object. Cost to cast: 1 ST. Casting time: 1 turn. Duration: the mark will last until the surface is destroyed.