Grimoire: IQ 8 Spells

These are the spells for IQ 8 or higher:

BLUR: (T) [Advanced Wizard] Defensive spell. Makes subject harder to see/hear/smell. Subtracts 4 from DX of all attacks/spells against the subject. Costs 1 ST to cast, and 1 more ST each turn thereafter until turned off. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

DETECT MAGIC: (T) [Advanced Wizard] Directed at any one item/being (weapon, door, figure, etc.) Tells the user whether the item is magic or has any spells on it. Does NOT identify the spell(s). NOTE: The GM makes the roll against adj. DX. If the roll is missed, the GM says “It doesn’t seem to be magic,” whether or not the item IS magical. Cost: 1 ST. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 3 turns.

DROP WEAPON: (T) [Advanced Wizard] Makes victim drop whatever is in one hand–a weapon, a shield or whatever. Will NOT make a ring or amulet fall off. Costs 1 ST, or 2 ST if the victim’s basic ST is 20 or more. A weapon or object with Immunity to this spell will never be dropped accidentally; a roll of 17+ does not affect it. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

FUMBLE: (T) [ Forum] The target will fail their next success roll as if they rolled an automatic failure. Affects only one roll, and the spell lasts three turns. If the target attempts no success rolls during the duration of the spell, the spell has no effect. ST cost: 1. Duration: 3 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

IMAGE (C) [Advanced Wizard] Creates any image occupying one hex. (See IMAGES AND ILLUSIONS in Advanced Wizard). Costs 1 ST. Duration: 12 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

LIGHT: (T) [Advanced Wizard] Makes any small (8cm or less) item glow like a torch (any color) for a full day. Will light up a ring, the end of your staff, your hand, etc. The wizard can will the light to go out at any time, but must recast the spell to get it back. Costs 1 ST. Duration: 24 hours. Casting time: 1 turn.

MAGIC FIST: (M) [Advanced Wizard] A telekinetic blow. Does 1d-2 damage for every ST point used to cast it; can also trigger traps and other subtle manipulations within line of sight. A Magic Fist that does 6 or more hits BEFORE armor/shield protection will trip its target unless he/she makes a 3-die roll on ST or DX, whichever is higher. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

SLOW MOVEMENT: (T) [Advanced Wizard] Halves victim’s MA for 4 turns. Slow spells do NOT multiply, but DO add. Two slow spells do NOT reduce a victim to 1/4 speed; they keep him at 1/2 speed twice as long. Cost: 2 ST. Duration: 4 turns. Casting time: 1 turn.

STAFF: (S) [Advanced Wizard] This spell is used to make any piece of wood into a staff. ST cost is 5.

A wizard does not have to HAVE to have a staff. If he wants one, he must know the Staff spell to create one. The wizard DOES NOT create the staff during the game (except to replace a broken one). If he knows the STAFF spell, he STARTS with a staff, without expending any ST to create it.

Regardless of what the staff looks like (rod, wand, quarterstaff, etc.), it is a physical weapon which does 1 die of damage when the wizard hits with it. Hitting with the staff is treated just as though the wizard were a fighter using a one-die weapon. It costs the wizard no ST to strike with his staff; it is not drawing its power from him.

A wizard who has a staff may keep it with him at all times, even when he is casting spells; it gives him no advantage or disadvantage.

A staff CAN be affected by a Drop Weapon or Break Weapon Spell.

If anyone other than the owner of the staff picks it up against the owner’s will, it explodes doing the fool who touched it 3 dice damage.

The time required to cast this spell is 1 week. The ST cost is expended a little each day, as the wizard attunes the staff to his personal consciousness.

SUMMON SWARM: (C) [HOW] Summons a 1 megahex sized swarm of flying insects to do the bidding of the wizard. The swarm does not cause any damage, but any actions in the affected are are at one additional die. ST cost: 2 ST. Duration: 12 turns. Time to cast: 1 turn.

WIZARD MARK: (T) [AD&D] Allows the wizard to inscribe his or her mark, rune or letter upon any surface. The Mark can be inscribed on any surface, including stone, wood, metal or even flesh, with no harm to the surface. The mark can be visible or invisible, but will be seen by Detect Magic, Reveal Magic, Mage Sight or Reveal spells. Remove Thrown Spell will remove the Wizard Mark from the object. Cost to cast: 1 ST. Casting time: 1 turn. Duration: the mark will last until the surface is destroyed.