House Rules

This is a collection of house rules that I have gathered, written or used for The Fantasy Trip. Every GM likes to tinker with the games they play, and while TFT is a fantastic game it does have some areas that could be improved.

As with all house rules, these rules are optional. Feel free to use them or not, and debate their worth. Sources are noted.

  • Death & Dying. House rules for using handling situations where characters have reached 0 ST.
  • Ceremonial Magic. House rules for using ceremonial magics, or casting spells with a group of wizards.
  • Solo Roleplaying. Rules for how to play The Fantasy Trip solo.
  • Morale. Rules for random reactions for opponents during combat. Based on rules from Treasure of the Silver Dragon.
  • Gothic Horror. House rules for Gothic-style horror in The Fantasy Trip.
  • Madness & Insanity. House rules for dealing with madness in The Fantasy Trip.