Death & Dying

The Fantasy Trip is very unforgiving when it comes to death & dying. The optional house rules below help give players–and their characters a second chance. Keep in mind, though, combat is deadly, and nothing to rush into. Act wisely.

When a character is to reduced to ST 0, he is unconscious. If he is reduced to between ST -1 and -ST, he is dying. The player must immediately make a saving roll of 3d vs. normal ST to stay alive. The character must then receive aid from a physicker within 2d turns. If the physicker makes roll of 3 dice vs. IQ, the character is stabilized and stays alive. If the physicker fails his roll, the character dies. Other physickers may try to save the character that turn as well.

If the victim receives no more damage, he is considered to be at ST 0 and unconscious. His friends must carry him out of combat to a safe area. He can then be healed normally, but does not lose the normal 5 attribute points.

The point of these house rules is to give players a last chance, but keep things simple. It also adds the drama for the surviving party as they try to save him.

Again–these rules are optional. Use them or ignore them as you see fit.