For A Few Talents More

For a Few Talents More

The last time I wrote a couple articles about talents in The Fantasy Trip, I got a lot of great feedback about how to improve the system. Lots of good ideas that I am still thinking about–but that is not what I am writing about today. What I am providing here are a few new talents for TFT that are missing from the canon rules.

Well, What Do We have Here?

Here are a few more talents that I see as really handy, but also missing from the In The Labyrinth. ITL had a great start, but the focus was actually pretty limited. I think a lot of that had to do with the roleplaying industry at the time–RPGs were definitely more more about the characters being Murder Hobos (man, I really love that phrase!)

These talents hopefully help that situation. Some can be seen along those lines, but they really should have more of a roleplaying bent. They can help in the adventure parts of the game, but they can also help when roleplaying. You decide.

The Talents

Here are a few talents that I submit for addition:

IQ 9
LORE/AREA KNOWLEDGE: (1/2) [GURPS, HOW] This talent represents familiarity with a given area, its people, places and customs. Characters will generally only have Area Knowledge for the area they are from or live in–their base area. The GM must decide if they have access to area knowledge from other areas, and how they might have gained that knowledge.

IQ 10
STREETWISE: (1) [GURPS] This talent allows the character to get along in rough company. Characters with this skill have a probability of knowing where an illegal activity might be found, where the local guard or officials can be bribed, etc. This also includes the ability to scrounge and find items others might now normally find. Roll 1 less die against IQ for these activities. This talent is included in the Thief talent.

IQ 11
HERALDRY: (2) [GURPS] This is the ability to recognize crests, coats of arms, flags and other emblems. A successful IQ roll lets the character the recognize knights, nobles or military units. It also lets them create crests appropriately, and that do not conflict with existing emblems.

IQ 14
LAWYER: (3) [GURPS] Prerequisite: Literacy. This talent gives knowledge of law codes and court actions. Not to be confused with basic knowledge that police or guardsmen may have, this is for lawyers. This talent may be more appropriate for NPCs, but can be pretty handy in a pinch.

Well, there you are. I’m sure there are others, and I will end up posting more in the coming weeks. Let me know what you think!

Marko ∞

Edit. As our esteemed reader Jeff V noted, the Courtly Graces talent already exists in In The Labyrinth. I have removed it from this article and the Talents page.


  1. I did an Area of Knowledge talent in my house rules too but kept it closer to the GURPS rule where there are different costs based on the size of the area: This talent costs 1 SP for a local area, hamlet, village or small town, 2 SP for a good sized city and 3 SP for a barony, county, duchy or small nation.

    My Lawyer talent I called Bureaucrat and might have pulled it from one of the Interplay magazines.
    Bureaucrat (3): A character with this skill will be able to understand official documents, records. etc., even when there is some degree of confusion about their contents due to legalese writing styles. This requires a 3D6 vs. IQ roll. A bureaucrat can detect forgeries of official documents on 3D6 vs. IQ (4D6 vs. IQ if done by a Calligrapher and will know if someone is attempting to lie about official regulations just as if the bureaucrat has the Detection Of Lies talent.

  2. Actually, Courtly Graces is already a TFT: ITL talent (IQ 11)…

    I like these, though. I think there is a valid requirement for a number of new talents (though avoiding too much differentiation is also strongly desirable).

  3. That’s a good way of doing it, John. I would leave it up to the GM to judge the scope, and how big the area is for 1, 2 or 3 points. Makes sense.

  4. Heraldry is used in more than just nobility. The symbol of three gold balls used by pawn shops is heraldry, as are many other symbols used for businesses. Heraldry could be useful for all kinds of symbology in a game world, not just a fantasy world.

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