The Fantasy Trip does not have any canon rules for handling insanity, or madness. Here are some suggested house rules for handling that in your campaigns.

When a character is in a situation where madness is possible, and the character fails any saving roll (usually 3d vs. IQ), the GM makes 2 dice rolls: one determines the severity of the affliction and the other determines the form.

Severity Table

Roll 3 dice to determine how severe the affliction is:

3-10 Mild The character suffers a mild form of the insanity once and recovers completely.
11-15 Intermittent In any situation where the insanity may manifest itself, roll 1d. On a 6, it appears.
16-18 Acute The form of insanity appears at all times.

Insanity Form Table

Now roll 3 dice to determine the exact form the affliction takes:

3-4 Catatonia The character behaves as he normally would, but stands as if petrified. No actions can be taken during the attack. The circumstances that trigger the attack are known only to the GM, but should be related to the situation that inflicted the madness.
5 Paranoia The character believes that one or more people or groups are out to get him. The character gets a -1 on all reaction rolls when dealing with the suspected people or groups.
6 Obsessive mania The character has an obsessive-compulsive behavior. The focus of his obsession should be related to the situation that caused the madness, but could also be related to the exact opposite. The character may be forced to repeat actions, or become obsessed with daily rituals. This may earn him a -1 on reaction rolls.
7-8 Phobia The character develops a strong fear of some object or situation. This should be related to the situation where the insanity was caused.
9-11 PTSD The character has lingering effects due to highly traumatic events. This can take the form of anger and irritability, loss of sleep and lack of concentration. This can lead to a -1 on reaction rolls made during the attack, or -1 ST in fatigue and -1 on IQ-based rolls.
12-13 Hysteria The character laughs uncontrollably. This can be at an awkward or even dangerous moment. The character can take no other actions during the attack.
13 Amnesia The character loses memory of certain events, usually associated with the situation that inflicted the madness. The memory may or may not return.
14 Uncertainty The character loses the ability to take decisive action. Even simple, obvious decisions become difficult, if not impossible. The character may not be able to decide between spells or weapons to use, which path to take or make any decision in similar circumstances.
15 Megalomania The character becomes arrogant and overbearing. He believes he is better than everyone else, knows more, is of better birth, etc. He is particularly arrogant regarding anything that relates to the situation where he gained the madness. This leads to a -1 on all reaction rolls.
16 Multiple Personalities The character develops one or more additional personalities. The GM and player must work out the details of the new personality, but it usually will be some form on “protector” of the main, original personality.
17-18 Psychotic Break The character becomes a true psychopath during the attacks. He may stalk and kill people or creatures that somehow relate to the situation where he was afflicted with the insanity. This form of madness is particularly dark and dangerous, and must be worked out between the GM and player.

How To Use This in The Fantasy Trip

The intent here is not to provide rigid rules for every possible situation of insanity, but rather a slightly more structured way of guiding the GM and player than just saying “roleplay it!” Use the dice rolls and results tables to provide a starting point for working an interesting story line into the game–do not be a slave to the dice rolls.

If the severity of the madness is acute, it will appear at all times–ignore any die rolls to see if it appears.

Once the madness is determined, though, it should be difficult to get rid of. About the only way to cure the madness is the IQ 19 spell Remove Curse or the IQ 15 spell Major Healing–or a Wish. Any character that struggles through his insanity and somehow fights his way back to sanity should get a heavy dose of experience points for it.