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Hello, everyone! I do not have any new information about The Fantasy Trip this week, but I do want to talk about the changes to this site, now that Steve Jackson has reclaimed the rights to TFT. A number of the things that I had on this site are now no longer going to be available, and this is a good thing.

A number of changes are coming since The Announcement. You can read all of this on the Steve Jackson Games website. The SJG forums have a TFT area set up, with a very lively discussion area for talking about all aspects of TFT. Check them out for the latest discussions about the game.

As for this site, because of the changes in focus for copyright enforcement, I removed all of the text that could be found in the canon rulebooks. The only things that ca be found now are the additions or rewording that I have added. I plan to keep that here, unless I am told otherwise by Steve Jackson Games. And yes, direction on these changes has come from Steve Jackson himself.

So–where do I go from here? Well, I plan on adding information to enhance gamers enjoyment of The Fantasy Trip. This includes more spells, magic items, talents and other things. I also plan to add adventures tailored for TFT. All for you.

So stay tuned, let me know what you think, and we will see what happens. Now that we have a brighter future for the game we all love, we have a lot more options. We will see what we see! Stay tuned!

Marko ∞


  1. Well, I’m sorry to see that some things have to be taken down — it was awfully nice to have it all in one convenient location! But at the same time, all I can say is that if it HAD to be taken down for some reason, THIS reason is the best possible one of all — TFT is BACK, baby! ;-)

    I’m really looking forward to the future of TFT, and all the goodies you will be helping bring to the table!

  2. I’m sorry, too–especially Death Test. I really liked having the information in one spot, too. I still plan to keep the downloadable spell list and talent lists… The spell list had the spells, but only a summary of the content, not the words verbatim. I need to redo the talent list to be a summary, too.

    I am really excited about the future of TFT, too! I don’t think TFT will suddenly eclipse Munchkin or GURPS for SJG, but at least people will have legal access to the game rules again, and we can start creating content for a new audience (not just us old farts…)

    Oh, and is one of the listed fan sites on the new official TFT site,!

  3. Yay! I’m glad they’ve got the game site up now! And even happier that you’re on the list as one of the “good guys!”

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