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Hello, everyone! I wanted to drop you a quick note about some deals over on DTRPG. Both Raging Swan Press and Ennead Games are having some deals on bundles for their work. You get a butt load of products pretty damn cheap. All of these things are great for inspiration and idea generation. I recommend checking them out…

I also wanted to let everyone know about my plans for upcoming articles. Over the next 3 months I plan to write up a couple more adventures. One will be a homebrew adventure that is more free-flowing. The other will be Death Test II. If I can get Orb Quest written up, I will try to get that one in, but I won’t make any promises on that one.

I also plan to write a series on psionics in The Fantasy Trip. Psionics was left out of TFT, and honestly can be simulated with magic. I am working on a science fiction campaign world, and am also working to convert the TFT rules to use there. In that world, psionics will fit in perfectly. So stay tuned for that.

Another thing I am going to do is add a new column on magic items. Whether I think of new ones or gather them from other sources, I will post some there for your gaming entertainment.

Finally, I have added a couple more tables to the Download section. I plan to add some more there in the coming weeks–equipment lists, job lists, character sheets, etc. More to come there, too.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sticking with me–I’m glad there are more people out there who still love TFT like I do!

Marko ∞

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