Nothing But Plans

Hey, everyone! I’m sorry, folks–I got nothing this week. Just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii, and I did not get an article written up for this week. I do have plans for the coming weeks, though…

Two upcoming articles deal with magical styles for TFT (similar to the fighting styles I wrote up before), and some additional talents for characters. I feel like I have been writing too much about magic lately, and neglecting other aspects of the game. Still, I wanted to get the magical styles out there to complement the fighting ones.

I am also still planning on getting more written up for The Bestiary, including fleshing out all of the originally published monsters in ITL.

Finally, I plan on finishing my series on solo gaming and TFT. Part I just set the stage, and Part II will give my take on how to do it with TFT.

Anyway, sorry I could not get more written this week, but I hope you will stick around for the stuff coming in the next few weeks!

Marko ∞

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