Updates for the Bestiary

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know my plans for the Bestiary section of this site. I am going to start copying all of the creatures in the Flora & Fauna section of In The Labyrinth into the Bestiary section here. I am also going to start fleshing them out a little more, with more of my own info about ecology, stats, etc.

Why? Well, there are a number of games out there that have great creature sections with a lot of information about the monsters and such. That information helps fire my imagination, and gets me excited about encountering them. Unfortunately, I do not have time to do the creatures as much justice as others have done for theirs–but I am going to try.

I do not intend to email out an article every time I add existing creatures from In The Labyrinth. I will only email out an article when I add something new and unusual. Also, the format is going to be kinda fluid until I nail it down–please be patient!

One note: each of the entries will have information about the creatures in my campaign world. This is for my own use and as a suggestion for yours. Anyway, as always, all of this is optional. If you don’t like it–don’t use it. If you do–you are more than welcome to it!

Marko ∞

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