What is Going On?

I’m sorry, folks… I have been pretty quiet for a few weeks. Work and life sometimes intrudes, even when we don’t want it to. Nothing serious here, I have just been distracted. And I apologize for that.

I do have some things planned for In The Labyrinth, though: I want to do some more reading and add some flair to Advanced Wizard’s alchemy rules. They are pretty neat, but just beg for more flavor and roleplaying opportunities.

I also want to add some more color with ideas for demons. There are a lot of ideas floating around in other games and even with history, and I want to gather those and present them here.

Finally, I want to add more non-magical color, maybe in the Bestiary, maybe for fighting. We’ll see.

Bottom line–I just need to write more and keep in touch with all of you!

That is for hanging with me…



  1. And I still owe you the rest of those magic spells. Sorry. Work has absolutely been all over the place for the past couple of months. I’ll try to buckle down and get you the rest in September, when this is all supposed to die down a bit!

  2. No problem, Jeff! I’m starting to get back onto the site in between work insanity and travel. I’ll take any comments you can give!

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