The Fantasy Trip Rulebooks

TFT Rulebooks

The Fantasy Trip (TFT) is a classic tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) that was first published in the late 70s and designed by Steve Jackson. After he left Metagaming, that company died a quick death and he went on to found Steve Jackson Games and came out with GURPS. Meanwhile, the The Fantasy Trip rulebooks went out of print and into copyright limbo.

There are some of us, though, that still love the simplicity and clarity of the original TFT rules. The entire rulebook set is included in three books: Melee (combat rules), Wizard (magic rules) and In the Labyrinth (roleplaying/campaigning rules). Melee and Wizard also had advanced rulebooks published as Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard–these were the core of TFT.

When Metagaming went out of business, the copyright status of the game became questionable. However, on December 26, 2017, Steve Jackson announced on the SJG website that he had reclaimed the rights to The Fantasy Trip.

That being the case, I have removed the links I had to other sites that hosted the rules for download purposes.