More Interplay Spells

More Interplay Spells

Even though the Metagaming house organ Interplay only lasted for 8 issues, there was some pretty neat stuff in there. That includes spells provided by the writers and by readers. Here are some more of them…

The Spells

The spells found in Interplay are a mixed lot. Some are quite useful in combat, some are more geared for roleplaying. Some are even more obviously geared for high-level play and mimic D&D-style plane travel, etc. Still–there are gems for use…

IQ 9:
TURN: (T) [Interplay] Rotates victim to any new facing chosen by the wizard. Victim will then be disoriented, with a -2 DX for the remainder of that turn, and must roll 3 dice against DX to avoid falling down. ST cost to cast: 2 ST, 4ST if subject’s ST is 30 or more. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

IQ 12:
KNOT/UNKNOT: (T) [Interplay] The Knot spell knots and tangles any one lasso, rope, bola, whip, etc., rendering it useless untangled with an Unknot spell. It can also be untangled in 3d-DX+12 turns. When cast on a rope that already is ensnaring someone then treat that rope as though it had been there for one turn longer, and if removed, will still be tangled.

One Unknot spell will negate the effects of one Knot spell, or untangle any one naturally tangled rope, whip, etc. It will also free someone from bonds, lasso or magic rope–or part the weave of one net. Cost to cast both spells is 2 ST. Casting time and duration are 1 turn.

IQ 14:
FORGET: (T) [Interplay] Makes the subject forget all specific events of the recent past. Will not erase talents or spells. Subject may remember what was erased on the next or following days if he makes a saving roll of 3 dice vs. IQ. ST cost is 4 to forget the past hour, plus 2 ST per additional hours. Casting time: 3 turns.

IQ 15:
CONTROL MISSILE: (T) [Interplay] Similar to Reverse Missiles, but the subject of the spell may have any missile or thrown weapon, or missile spell that hit him return to the one who attacked him or have them go to different targets. If the missile is sent on to a new target, the subject must make a DX roll to hit. Cost to cast: 3 ST, 1 to maintain. Duration: 1 turn. Casting time: 1 turn.

IQ 17:
STAFF TO WEAPON: (T) [Interplay] Lets wizard change his staff into any one piece weapon, which may then be wielded as if he had the required talent. Normal DX penalties apply if the wizard does not have the required ST for the weapon. The staff/weapon will not affect the wizard’s subsequent spell casting ability in any way. If held against the wizard’s will, it will explode as with the Staff spell.

If this spell is cast upon a Staff of Power, the weapon will do an extra 2 hits of damage and is immune to the Drop Weapon and Break Weapon spells. If the weapon is broken otherwise, it reverts back to a broken staff. ST cost to cast: 2, plus 1 per turn to maintain.

That’s all for this article of spells. There are some more listed in other issues of Interplay–I’ll post them in the coming weeks. I also updated the downloadable Spell List with these, too. (Ignore the Corruption Points there. That is for a future article…)

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